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Bonus Drag & Drop Questions

SERU Assessment – what to expect

Video content update: TfL announced recently that, if you fail your test 2 times, there will be no licensing action taken against you.  Read more about this on our blog about the SERU assessment update by TfL.

SERU Assessment

 The SERU assessment is a computer-based test, which is made up of multiple-choice questions and fill in the blanks on sentances.  The questions asked are based off the TfL PHV Driver’s Handbook, which covers all the information you need to know to work as a Private Hire Licensed driver in London.

 You will get questions you must read and understand before choosing an answer.

Where do I take the TfL SERU test?
The test is only held at TfL’s offices in London, and you will take the test on a computer.  So, you will need to know how to use a computer.

How much is the SERU test?
The TfL SERU test costs £36 which you pay TfL and if you fail you get one more chance.  The re-sit will cost a little bit less at £16.  If you fail both times, then you will need to re-apply for your Private Hire Licence.

Do I need to do it?
The simple answer is yes, all private hire drivers will at some point need to complete the TfL SERU test.

Are there any other tests?
Yes, in some instances you may have to do more tests.

  1. If you are applying for a new TfL private hire licence
  2. If you didn’t send in your English Language Requirement by the cut off time
  3. Or if you sent your English Language Requirement and TfL didn’t accept it

Then you will need to also do a Speaking & Listening Test on top of the SERU Assessment.  The SERU assessment will be used to fulfil your Reading & Writing section of the English Language Requirement.

Go ahead and try some of the questions we’ve made to mimic the actual SERU test.  Our online SERU training is built to help you not only learn the information that you need to pass the SERU test, but also structured to get you use to doing the actual TfL SERU test.