All TfL Driver Tests on the Same Day!

by | Jul 6, 2023 | PCO Driver News, SERU Test News

If you’re applying for your Private Hire Driver’s licence for the first time and you’re wondering, when do you need to complete the assessments required by TfL?  Previously, new applicants would need to wait for TfL to send a letter and email inviting you to the Topographical Skills assessment and then after you’ve completed that test, you would need to wait for a new letter and email from TfL to set dates for your SERU Assessment and Speaking and Listening Assessment.


“SERU Assessment, Speaking and Listening Test will be on the same day as your Topographical Skills Assessment.”


On the 6th of July 2023, TfL updated their TPH Driver Policy document and in that they mentioned that going forward TfL will invite drivers to do all 3 tests on the same day.  This means you will get a letter and email to book your Topographical Skills Assessment, SERU Assessment and Speaking and Listening Test all for the same day.

This means that it’s now more important than ever to prepare for all 3 TfL tests.  To complete the Topographical skills test, SERU assessment and Speaking and Listening exam with TfL all on the same day will be stressful for many people. 

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TfL also updated and amended some other important policies on the TPH Driver Policy.  Here are some of the ones that affect Private Hire Drivers. 


Private Hire Licence refusal based on DBS Certificate

On the updated policy, TfL has said that if your DBS doesn’t come back clear, they will request for the original DBS certificate to be sent to them.  If you do not send it, then your Private Hire Licence application will be refused. 

Another reason TfL may refuse your application is if the information you gave when applying for your Private Hire Drivers Licence does not match the information on your DBS certificate. 


What happens if you fail your SERU Assessment or Topographical 2 times?

From the inception of the SERU Assessment, existing and new Private Hire applicants have wondered what happens if they fail the SERU Assessment twice.  On the updated PHV Driver Policy, TfL has clarified this matter.  If you fail your SERU assessment, Topographical Assessment or the Speaking and Listening test twice, you will need to make a brand-new application.  For existing drivers, this will mean losing their private hire licence and having to start a new application if they wish to be re-licensed.

The same rules apply if you fail to attend your SERU Assessment twice or your Topographical Skills assessment and the Speaking and Listening test.

Without a doubt these updates will put further stress on hopeful applicants, the best thing you can do to get your Private Hire Drivers Licence is to prepare well for all 3 TfL tests.  

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