Private Hire Vehicle Signage

by | Dec 13, 2023 | PCO Driver News

From 1 July 2024 all Private Hire vehicles will need to display new signage on and inside their vehicles.

Where do I get the new Private Hire Vehicle Signage?
Don’t worry, you do not have to buy any new signs yourself.  TfL will fix the signage on to your vehicle on the next vehicle inspection after the 1 July 2024.

What new signage is needed for Private Hire Vehicles?
The new signage will be a mix of signage and information, that is displayed inside the vehicle and outside.

Here is a list of the new Private Hire vehicle signage:

1. Information about how to make a complaint to TfL – this will let customers know how they can make a complaint about a private hire driver or vehicle.

2. No-smoking sign – this rule is already active but now TfL will include it within the signage they fix to your vehicle.

3. Cycle safety sign – we assume this will be an external sign to make cyclist aware of your vehicle.

4. Pre-booked only sign – Similar to what use to be displayed on Private Hire Vehicle windows previously, a sign to remind customers they must pre-book.

5. Seatbelt sign – this will be inside the vehicle to remind passengers to wear their seatbelt.

6. Message advising passengers that abuse of drivers is unacceptable.

Remember, you do not need to buy any of these signs yourself, TfL will fit them to your vehicle on your next vehicle licensing inspection after the first of July 2024.

When TfL release the official signage, we will update you with the details.

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