New TfL DBS CRB Organisation ID

by | Sep 11, 2023 | PCO Driver News

If you are about to apply for your TfL Private Hire driver’s licence or you are already a driver and you need to renew your PHV driver’s licence, then you will need to complete your DBS.  Which is a background check that all private hire drivers must complete before getting licensed. 

Also, when you’re specifically applying for the TfL Private Hire Driver’s licence to be a driver in London, you must use TfL’s approved service provider to complete your DBS CRB check.

From 7 September 2023, TfL has officially changed their approved service provider, which means all new applicants and renewal applicants will need to register and apply for their DBS using the new service provider.

When applying for your DBS, you will need the following Organisation ID and Access Codes.

The new TfL DBS Organisation ID and New Access code are below:

Note: This code is different for new applicants and renewals, make sure you use the correct one to avoid delays 

The new TfL approved DBS company is called First Advantage and you will be using their Know Your People service to apply for your DBS check. 

New TfL DBS Company Website Link: First Advantage

What do I do if I’ve recently applied for my DBS?

If you used the old provider Online Disclosures recently, and you have not yet done your ID check at the post office, you have until 30 September 2023 to go and do you ID checks.  If you fail to do this, you will need to use the new system to generate a new ID verification document.

How much does TfL approved DBS cost?

The cost for a TfL approved DBS is still £52 if you complete it online, which is the preferred way by most.  The cost has not changed, and you still pay the amount at the Post Office after you’ve completed your DBS with the TfL approved DBS provider First Advantage.

You may find cheaper options offered by other companies, but firstly they are not approved by TfL and secondly, they may not be an enhanced DBS as required by TfL to get your Private Hire Drivers licence.

Why did TfL change their DBS provider?

The decision to change was since the Post Office withdrew their support for the existing provider OnlineDisclosures. This is the only change, the process and questions to apply for your DBS are still the same on the new platform First Advantage.

If you have more questions regarding the new DBS provider, you can register and read their FAQ’s here


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