SERU Assessment Results

by | Feb 12, 2024 | SERU Test News

So, you’ve completed your SERU assessment and now you’re eagerly awaiting the results. 

When do I get my SERU results?
After you’ve completed you SERU assessment with TfL, you must wait a minimum of 14 working days to get your results.  However, in many cases there are delays due to the high number of SERU assessments being completed.

Keep in mind that 14 working days is almost 3 weeks, as a working week is Monday to Friday. 

Where do I find my SERU assessment results?
You results will be posted to you and you may also receive is via email if you opted for this method of contact from TfL.

My SERU result has not arrived.
If you’ve waited 14 working days and no results have arrived, it is best to contact TfL via email.  You can also call, but there’s usually a long waiting time.  Emailing TfL is also better as you’ll have a record of making contact with them. 

If you haven’t received your SERU assessment results, you should email TfL at the following email address

Or call TfL on 0343 222 4444

Remember to include the reference number from the invite letter and your full name in the email, here is a template you can use.

Subject: SERU Assessment Results Request – Ref: DAPP[ADD REFERENCE HERE]

To whom it may concern,



I completed my SERU assessment on [ADD DATE HERE] and it has now been more than 14 working days and I have not received my results.

If you could kindly send my results via email, I would appreciate it.  If I do not hear back from you within 7 working days, I will get in touch again.

Kind regards

[Your name here]

Research has shown that emails are more likely to be viewed by the recipient when sent on specific days and times. The best time to send emails is between 9AM to 12PM and the best day to send emails is on a Tuesday. Try it out, it might give you a better chance of getting a response from TfL.

Source: Hubspot

Failed SERU assessment.
Don’t worry, 1 in 3 people sadly fail their SERU assessment.  But it’s good to know that TfL will not take any licensing action against you.  This means you can keep trying until you pass.  The second attempt to pass the SERU assessment costs £16 and to ensure you have the best chance of passing, you should prepare for your SERU assessment using online SERU courses and SERU mock test.

We hope you get your SERU assessment results in the 14 working days stated by TfL and the results are a positive one.

SERU Assessment Results - TfL Contact Details

TfL SERU Results Assessment Phone Number:

0343 222 4444

TfL SERU Results Email:


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