TfL English Language Speaking & Listening Test

by | Oct 3, 2022 | TFL SERU

The TfL English Language Requirement (ELR) changed and drivers who submitted their evidence (English Certificates) by the 30th of September 2021 and got confirmation from TfL that their evidence was accepted will not need to do the new English Language Speaking and listening test. However, they will still need to do the new TfL SERU Test (Find out more on our blog, “What is the SERU test?”). TfL English Language Requirement previously covered all 4 aspects of the requirement, which were reading, writing, speaking and listening. The update requirement divides these requirements. The TfL SERU Test covers reading and writing, and the speaking and listening is done via the new separate test. Private Hire PCO drivers who applied for their licence or renewed their licence and either didn’t provide evidence for English Language Requirement by the old deadline of 20th September 2021 or TfL did not accept your evidence, then you will need to do both the SERU test and the English Language Speaking and Listening Test.

What is the TfL Speaking and Listening test?

This is a 15-20minute test which involves the following.

  1. Short conversation based on personal topics, like your name and where you’re from.
  2. Role play based on a social situation
  3. Exchanging information based on images
  4. Listening and answering questions based on a short recording
  5. Discuss a topic based on a given topic

Where do I take the TfL Speaking and Listening test?

The TfL speaking and listening test is taken at TFL offices but ran via video link with another company called PeopleCert’s.

How much is the TfL Speaking & Listening test?

The TfL Speaking and Listening test costs £36 and re-sit costs £16

What happens if I fail the TfL Speaking and Listening test?

You only get 2 attempts to pass the TfL Speaking and Listening test, if you fail you will need to start your application again and this will cause delays in getting your private hire PCO licence.

How do I prepare for the TfL English Language Speaking and Listening Test?

You can find help on the TFL website, but it is important to learn English and become confident in speaking before you take this test.

We are building an online speaking and listening training course soon which will help you.

Find out more about the TfL SERU test and the SERU test deadlines on our article “What is the TfL SERU assessment/test?

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