5 Changes for PHV Drivers in 2023

by | Dec 30, 2022 | PCO Driver News

5 Changes for PHV Drivers in 2023

We’ve put together a list of 5 changes coming in 2023 that Private Hire Drivers in London should be aware of.  These are a mix of changes by Transport for London, the DVLA and the government.   

1. Zero Emission Capable (ZEC) Vehicles

From 1 January 2023 the ZEC requirement by TfL for Private Hire Vehicle licensing starts.  This means if you want to license a new vehicle from that date to use for Private Hire purposes, it will need to be a Zero Emission Capable vehicle.  Any vehicles that are not ZEC and have not had a previous Private Hire Vehicle Licence will no longer be able to become a licensed private hire vehicle in London.

    To meet the new ZEC standards, vehicles must:
    – Emit no more than 50g/km CO2 and be capable of being operated with no exhaust emissions for a minimum range of 10 miles.

    – Emit no more than 75g/km CO2 exhaust emissions and be capable of being operated with no emissions for a minimum range of 20 miles.

    2. More 20mph speed limit roads in London

    Transport for London will be increasing the number of 20mph speed limit roads within the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Islington, Haringey, and Camden.

    Private Hire Driver’s spend a lot of time on the road and should be aware of these changes as they are more at risk of getting a penalty for speeding on these roads.

    Here are some of the roads that have been announced to have the new 20mph speed limit, which TfL aim to begin from around February 2023.

    –  Seven Sisters Road A503
    –  City Road A501
    –  Finchley Road A41
    –  Holloway Road A1
    –  Kingsland Road A10
    –  Mile End Road A11
    – The Highway A1203

    3. ULEZ Expansion
    From 29 August 2023 the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) expansion will start. The ULEZ expansion in 2023 will now cover all the London Boroughs.

    Drivers with vehicles that do not meet the ULEZ requirements and drive in any London borough will need to pay the daily £12.50 charge.

    There is a longer grace period for Private Hire Vehicles that are wheelchair-accessible vehicles, they will be allowed to continue driving their vehicle until 24 October 2027 within the Ultra-Low Emission Zone. 

    4. Fuel Duty Rises in 2023

    Private Hire Drivers will be further hit by the cost-of-living crisis in 2023 with fuel prices due to go up again in March 2023. In March 2022 the government cut the fuel duty by 5p per litre, which was a temporary reduction.  Drivers may face up fuel prices rises of 12p per litre.

    5. First SERU Assessment Deadline
    There are 2 important SERU assessment related dates for Private Hire Drivers in 2023. The first is April 01, 2023, from this date any new PHV driving licence applicants will need to complete the TfL SERU assessment and the Speaking & Listening test before they receive their Private Hire Drivers Licence.

    30 September 2023 is the SERU assessment deadline for Private Hire drivers who were licensed before 30 September 2021 and did NOT submit their evidence for the English Language Requirement.  Any drivers who fall in this category will also need to complete the TfL Speaking & Listening test.

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